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Transportation & Environment

Street Blades/Co-Naming Moratorium Update Letter


Councilmember Erik Bottcher

Councilmember Keith Powers

Councilwoman Carlina Rivera

Borough President Mark Levine

RE:   Moratorium on street blades.

To Our Elected Officials:

For years, Community Board Five has emphasized its standing position against all street co-

naming in our district. The reasons for this moratorium denying all co-naming street blades are

as valid today as when our position, which is attached, was adopted: street co-naming is

arbitrary, subjective, confusing for pedestrians and drivers alike, and particularly inappropriate

for the densest part of the city’s central business district.

The board’s leadership considers this issue with frequency and affirms that the conditions

underpinning our moratorium remain in effect without exception. Community Board Five

maintains its position of complete denial of new street co-naming blades, recommends

alternatives such as building or sidewalk elements, and implores our elected officials to respect

this longstanding opposition.


Vikki Barbero



Layla Law-Gisiko

Chair, Land Use, Housing, and Zoning

Chair, Landmarks


E.J. Kalafarski

Chair, Transportation &amp; Environment

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