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Application by Madison Square Park Conservancy for the Redesign of the Dog Run at Madison Square Park

WHEREAS, The Madison Square Park Conservancy (“MSPC”) has submitted a request for Community Board Five approval for the redesign of the Madison Square Park Dog Run (the “Dog Run”); and

WHEREAS, The Dog Run, located on the western side of Madison Square Park, is heavily used by park patrons; and

WHEREAS, MPSC conducted outreach of park patrons and found several areas of the existing Dog Run that could be enhanced; and

WHEREAS, MSPC prioritized increased permeability and drainage of the Dog Run to allow for a cleaner area, and has chosen a material called K9 Turf, used in other urban parks, kennels, and soon to be installed at the Prospect Park parade grounds; as well as permeable cobble paving around the trees within the footprint, and permeable hex paving for the hardscape of the area; and

WHEREAS, The redesigned Dog Run will occupy roughly the same footprint as the existing Dog Run, but will add 500 square feet of space by increasing the area toward 5th Avenue that is currently unutilized; and

WHEREAS, The Dog Run will include added berm elements roughly three feet in elevation, as well as benches and umbrellas, a water rill, and wheelchair access and space; and

WHEREAS, The water rill will flow so as to have clean water for dogs to drink; and

WHEREAS, The Dog Run will have separate areas for larger dogs and smaller dogs, and will have 4’
high fences, consistent with the existing Dog Run; and

WHEREAS, The Dog Run will be closed to the public for several months during construction; and

WHEREAS, The estimated cost of this project is $1,500,000; almost all of which has already been raised;

WHEREAS, Members of the public commented on this application favorably, but urged MSPC to include
more turf for the dogs, and less hardscape (cobble and hex paving) in the Dog Run; and

WHEREAS, Community Board Five felt that the redesigned Dog Run would be an enhancement to
Madison Square Park, and a benefit to the public; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, Community Board Five recommends approval of the request by MSPC for the Redesign
of the Dog Run at Madison Square Park.

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