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420 Lexington Avenue, application for ground level facade renovation.

WHEREAS, 420 Lexington Avenue is a 30-story office building and an integral part of Grand Central Terminal known as the "Graybar" building; and

WHEREAS, 420 Lexington Avenue was constructed in 1927 by the firm of Sloan and Robertson in the art deco style; and

WHEREAS, The building had been modernized prior to the designation of the building in 2016; and

WHEREAS, The applicant has made an application for ground level facade application; and

WHEREAS, The applicant proposes to install a signage band with enclosed pin mounted letters less than 18" high which project no more than one inch, and to replace existing branding with the new tenant logo using pin mounted letters within existing signage bands in a manner consistent with current signage on the building; and

WHEREAS, The proposed banding will require removal of existing original stonework; and

WHEREAS, the proposed signage is consistent with signage and banding in existence at the time of landmark designation; and

WHEREAS, The additional signage and banding will add symmetry across the building; and

WHEREAS, While in most instances the Board would object to the removal of original material, in this instance the appearance of the building is enhanced by the consistency of the signage and banding across the facade, giving the appearance of a master plan; and

WHEREAS, This application is not to be used as precedent to remove historic fabric; therefore be it

RESOLVED, Community Board Five recommends approval of the application by 420 Lexington Avenue for ground level façade renovation; and be it further

RESOLVED, Community Board Five encourages the applicant to remove all stonework under the supervision of a conservator so that it may be used for future use or repair.

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