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Transportation & Environment

Application by the Carnegie Hotel, 160 West 56 Street, for a Hotel Loading Zone in front of their hotel, measuring 25 feet in length.

WHEREAS, The Applicant, the Carnegie Hotel, 160 West 56 Street, a new 67-room hotel located east of 7th Avenue on the south side of 56th Street, has requested a hotel loading zone to serve their customers; and

WHEREAS, Such loading zones are standard at the main entrance to larger hotels in New York City, and the Department of Transportation regularly creates such zones in front of hotels larger than 100 rooms; and

WHEREAS, The Department of Transportation requires hotels below 100 rooms in size to come before the Community Board to hear any objections to their loading zone before such a permit is issued; and

WHEREAS, The Carnegie Hotel has complied with this requirement, and no opposition to the loading zone was heard at the two CB5 Transportation & Environment Committee meetings at which this application was discussed; and

WHEREAS, The proposed loading zone would measure only 25 feet in length, to allow for a single vehicle to drop off and pick up passengers at the main entrance of the hotel; and

WHEREAS, Such loading zones should be approved only on a case-by-case basis, and no precedent with regard to these zones should be presumed in response to this application; and

WHEREAS, There is no reason why this loading zone would obstruct traffic, either vehicular or pedestrian, and in fact it may reduce the potential for double-parked standing vehicles; therefore be it

RESOLVED,  Community Board Five recommends approval of the application before DOT for a hotel loading zone measuring no more than 25 feet in length in  front of the Carnegie Hotel at 160 West 56 Street.

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