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Application # 6165-2017-ASWC- Craft LLC for a new unenclosed sidewalk café at 43 East 19th Street (between Broadway and Park Avenue South) featuring 10 tables and 20 chairs

WHEREAS, Craft LLC DBA "Craft Restaurant" (the "Applicant") is applying for a new unenclosed sidewalk café license at 43 East 19th Street (between Broadway and Park Avenue South); and

WHEREAS, The Applicant seeks to have a sidewalk café occupying a space totaling 7 feet and 9 inches in width (including the area dedicated for table service with a standard barrier), and will have 10 tables and 20 chairs; and

WHEREAS, The sidewalk in question has a width of 15 feet and 9 inches, and as such, the proposed sidewalk café would occupy a space exceeding all of the requirements per DCA regulations; and

WHEREAS, Each table of the sidewalk café will be 24" x 24" with a height of 29"; and the sidewalk café shall include planters with a height of 28" as barriers against the sidewalk; and

WHEREAS, The Applicant is located within the Ladies Mile Historic District and has received "a certificate of no effect" from the Landmarks Preservation Commission; and

WHEREAS, The sidewalk cafe will close no later than 10:00pm Sunday through Thursday, and 11:00pm Friday and Saturday; and

WHEREAS, The proposed café will have no amplified sound; and

WHEREAS, No members of the public commented on the application; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, Community Board Five recommends approval of the application by Craft LLC for a new unenclosed sidewalk café at 43 East 19th Street, featuring 10 tables and 20 chairs.

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