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Application by Tishman Realty pursuant to Art. 74-711 for the transfer of development rights from a landmark at 111 East 15th Street to allow for a new tower to be built at 110 East 16th Street.

WHEREAS, The applicant, Tishman Realty, is seeking a waiver for bulk, height and setback, pursuant to art. 74.711 of the Zoning Resolution of New York City; and

WHEREAS, The applicant is proposing to transfer 19.500 sq/ft from lot 12, the landmark site and 18.000 sq/ft air rights from lot 12, the Lee Strasberg Institute, a non-landmarked building, to build a 21 story tower at 110 East 16th Street; and

WHEREAS, The applicant would demolish an existing 1960's 9-stories parking garage to make way for proposed tower; and

WHEREAS, An as-of-right building on this site would be 9 stories and the proposed building will be 21 stories high, with a set back at 203 feet instead of 75 feet, a roof height of 264 feet and a total bulk top height of 283 feet; and

WHEREAS, In order to transfer air rights pursuant to 74-711, among many conditions, the applicant must satisfy two conditions in regards to landmarks:

  1. The applicant must propose a restoration and maintenance plan in perpetuity for the landmark from which the air rights are being transferred; and
  2. The proposed building, and especially its bulk, must relate harmoniously to the landmark; and


WHEREAS, The landmark, located at 111 East 15th Street, is a 4 story Neo-Grec mansion built in 1869, designed by noted architects Gambrill & Richardson, and designated a landmark in 1993, currently the home to Trinity Broadcasting Network; and

WHEREAS, The overall restorative work budget will be around $2 million; and

WHEREAS, The original fabric is mostly intact (the iron cresting of the roof is gone, as are the entrance steps, and the basement windows are now doorways) and in good overall condition; and

WHEREAS, The applicant will rebuild the iron cresting of the roof as well as the arches over the two side doors, and will match all the historic material for repairs and restoration or conservation, including fish-scale slate roof, cast and wrought iron, and wood windows; and

WHEREAS, The applicant has committed to using real sand-stone for all the stone work at the base of the building and not composite material; therefore be it

RESOLVED, Community Board Five recommends conditional approval of the restoration and maintenance plan, provided that real sand-stone is used where needed, and no composite stone or cast stone substitute is used.


WHEREAS, The applicant, Tishman Realty, is proposing to build a tower at 110 East 16th Street, on block 871, lot 74; and

WHEREAS, The proposed tower will not be compliant with the as-of-right zoning regulation; and

WHEREAS, Pursuant to art. 74-711 of the Zoning Resolution, the applicant is seeking the following waivers:

WHEREAS, The special permit would allow the use of development rights from lot 10 (the landmark) and lot 12 (Lee Strasberg Institute a non-landmarked building); and

WHEREAS, Art. 74-711 stipulates that the proposed building, especially its bulk, must have a harmonious relationship with the landmark; and

WHEREAS, The proposed building is a 21 story, 283 foot tall tower that tapers at the 17th story in a wedding-cake succession of recesses, and is made mostly of massive floor to ceiling glass fenestration with metal framing and minimal brick wall outline; and

WHEREAS, The tower shares a back wall with the landmark and is roughly three times taller than the landmark; and

WHEREAS, The tower is overwhelmingly larger than the landmark and its scale, bulk and style are excessive as they relate to the landmark; therefore be it

RESOLVED, Community Board Five recommends denial of the application by Tishman Realty for a report stating the proposed building has a harmonious relationship with the landmark at 111 East 15th Street.

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