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Manhattan Community Board Five

Statement in support of NYC BID Association position on street vending

WHEREAS, Community Board Five recognizes the long history of street vending in New York City; and

WHEREAS, We consider the quality of life and public health and safety to be of paramount importance, and are concerned about any expressed interest in relaxing existing laws as they pertain to street vendors without thorough input from all stakeholders, most especially the community; and

WHEREAS, The NYC BID Association ratified a statement on June 18, 2015, calling for a multi-agency task force and study examining street vendor rules and regulations; and

WHEREAS, We believe an inclusive, impartial, and thorough study of street vending should occur before any changes to existing law are considered, with the involvement of all stakeholders in the community; and

WHEREAS, A multi-agency task force comprised of representatives of the myriad agencies currently charged with enforcement, such as the NYPD, the Department of Transportation, and Department of Consumer Affairs, among others, should be incorporated; and

WHEREAS, The current uncoordinated system where multiple agencies seldom communicate with each other, or effectively communicate with street vendors, neither serves the vendor community nor allows for effective and fair enforcement; and

WHEREAS, In a city with many competing claims on public space, Community Boards have long been charged with managing these different interests, and we strongly believe that Community Board Five – and the other community boards throughout the five boroughs – must be part of any discussion on any change to street vendors laws and regulations; therefore it be

RESOLVED, Community Board Five agrees with the NYC BID Association’s statement on street vending, which calls for a multi-agency task force and a study examining street vendor rules and regulations.

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