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Restoration and Maintenance Plan for Marble Collegiate Church and Gilsey House

Re: Application pursuant to Art. 74-711 of the Zoning Resolution for Restoration and Continuing maintenance plan in perpetuity for the Marble Collegiate Church, an individual landmark and Gilsey House an individual landmark, for the redevelopment of 8-16 West 30th St and 11-15 West 29th St.:

WHEREAS, 8-16 West 30th Street is a proposed 64-story,800 foot tower, and 11-15 West 29th Street are two proposed 5 story buildings on a block bound by Fifth Avenue and Broadway, and West 29th Street and West 30th Street; and

WHEREAS, Marble Collegiate Church located at 1 West 29th St is a marble façade structure built in 1851 and landmarked in 1967, and Gilsey House located at 1200 Broadway is a cast-iron façade building built in 1869 and landmarked in 1979; and

 WHEREAS, The applicants –Marble Collegiate Church, Gilsey House, Inc and HFZ KIK 30th Street Owner LLC -are seeking modifications for use, height, setback and bulk envelope pursuant to Zoning Resolution 74-711 in exchange for restorations and continuing maintenance plans to the two before-mentioned landmarks located on the same block; and

 WHEREAS, The restoration plan for Marble Collegiate Church includes repairing windows, gutters and wrought iron fence, repairing or replacing (when necessary) the marble façade with marble that very closely resembles the existing marble in color and texture, altering the west-facing wall to display arched windows that are similar in look and scale to existing Church windows, and to clad it in limestone that closely resembles the color and texture of existing marble of the Church; and

WHEREAS, The restoration plan for Gilsey House includes repainting the exterior, replacing and repairing façade elements and decorative columns and cornices using cast-iron, repairing windows and roofing, and restoring the ground floor storefronts to their original configuration and look, using contextual materials; and

WHEREAS, The applicant is proposing a continuing maintenance plan in perpetuity for both the Marble Collegiate Church and Gilsey House; and

WHEREAS, The restorations and repairs to both landmarks are deemed to be well-thought and comprehensive; and WHEREAS, Our one caveat would be that the restored western wall of the Church should be clad in marble to match the rest of the Church façade in color and texture instead of limestone; therefore be it

RESOLVED, Community Board Five recommends approval of this application by Marble Collegiate Church, Gilsey House, Inc and HFZ KIK 30th Street Owner LLC for the restoration and continuing maintenance plan for Marble Collegiate Church and Gilsey House.

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