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Newsstand Application # 1009-2015-ANWS, SEC of West 52nd Street and 7th Avenue.

WHEREAS, The applicant seeks a permit to install and operate a newsstand near the southeast corner of 52nd Street and 7th Avenue in perpetuity; and

WHEREAS, The proposed newsstand would be located in a heavily congested area and would obstruct an outpatient medical treatment facility; and

WHEREAS, The proposed newsstand would create an unnecessary burden on pedestrian flow; and

WHEREAS, The applicant did not attend the committee meeting, which is grounds for automatic denial; and

WHEREAS, Community Board Five recognizes that newsstand applicants are usually individuals and small business owners (often minorities or recent immigrants) and urges the Department of Consumer Affairs or the Department of Small Business Services to assist applicants in the cumbersome application process and provide a map of appropriate locations for newsstands; therefore be it

RESOLVED, Community Board Five recommends denial ofthe application to install a newsstand at the SEC of 7th Ave and 52nd Street.

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