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Application from target enterprises for the “Target Lilly Pulitzer Launch” 2015 event in Bryant Park

WHEREAS, Target Corporation c/o David Stark Design & Production ("Applicant") has submitted an application for a one-time event to be held in Bryant Park on April 16, 2015, to promote Target's newest designer collaboration with Lilly Pulitzer; and

WHEREAS, The event is free and open to the public and will include an archway made of greenery on the Fountain Terrace, pink- and green-colored umbrellas and lounge chairs on the Fountain Terrace (colors that are linked to the promoted brand), to be interspersed with regularly placed Bryant Park tables and chairs; pink water running through the Fountain; complimentary juice, manicures, and photo opportunities at small activity stations; and two colored ping-pong tables, to be located in the current location off the northern walkway of the Park; and

WHEREAS, The Bryant Park Grill would be used in conjunction with this event to house a pop-up shop to feature sales of the promoted collaboration; and

WHEREAS, The event would take place from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m on the date of the event, with set up to begin no earlier than 7:00 p.m. the evening before the event, with clean-up to be completed by midnight on the date of the event; and

WHEREAS, Applicant has provided a map of the footprint of the proposed event within the park showing the relatively limited impact on daily activities and park usage; and

WHEREAS, Signage would be limited to: four 8.5" x 11" directional signs near the Fountain Terrace pointing the way to the pop-up shop within Bryant Park Grill, eight additional signs of the same dimensions spread out along Park walkways, Target branding on a service tent on the Fountain Terrace distributing complimentary juice, and white, monochromatic product line branding on the greenery archway; and

WHEREAS, Amplified sound would be limited to non-continuous, low-volume background music with short-throw speakers to reach the terrace area only, without the use of a microphone or subwoofer; and

WHEREAS, Bryant Park Corporation has consulted with an engineer and approves of the plan to use pink dye to temporarily color the water in the fountain on the day of the event; and

WHEREAS, Bryant Park Corp assures that the dye will not affect the plumbing or discolor the stone, and will be promptly removed from the fountain as part of regular maintenance following the event; and

WHEREAS, Despite being commercial in nature, the proposed event is deemed of tolerable impact on the Park, while significantly assisting Bryant Park Corporation in its mission to maintain Bryant Park; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, Community Board Five recommends approval of the application from Target Enterprises for the Target Lilly Pulitzer Launch 2015 Event in Bryant Park.

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