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1133 Broadway, application for installation of an operable storefront in two bays on the West 26th Street facade

WHEREAS, 1133 Broadway, known as St. James building, is a sixteen story plus penthouse office building located in the Madison Square North Historic District; and

WHEREAS, The building was designed by architect Bruce Price and constructed in 1896 to replace the mid-nineteenth century St. James Hotel; and

WHEREAS, It was considered within a few years of its construction among Price's most important designs; and

WHEREAS, The façade includes both historic and altered materials; and

WHEREAS, The application is for the West 26th Street façade only and does not pertain to the Broadway façade; and

WHEREAS, The application is to install an operable storefront of two bays; and

WHEREAS, The materials and colors to be used in the installation will match those of other recently approved bays in the building; and

WHEREAS, The construction as outlined in the application will allow the storefront to maintain the original look when the storefront is in the closed position; therefore be it

RESOLVED, Community Board Five recommends approval of the proposed application for 1133 Broadway for the installation of an operable storefront of two bays on the façade on West 26th Street.

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