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100 Fifth Avenue -application for a proposed ADA compliant exterior ramp

WHEREAS, The applicant, Eddie Bauer, is proposing to construct a cement ramp with painted metal rails along the 5th Avenue façade to provide ADA accessibility, to overcome a 6.25" stone step at the entry door; and

WHEREAS, The applicant has a policy to render all its retail stores ADA compliant, regardless of local rules and regulations; and

WHEREAS, The Committee is fully supportive of the goal to make facilities accessible to everyone; and

WHEREAS, The design of the ramp is seemingly a "cut and paste" solution that makes no attempt to be harmonious to the building or the surrounding district in its design or in the use of materials; and

WHEREAS, The applicant did not seriously explore other possible design options with respect to using an ADA compliant entry on the 15th Street façade, such as use of more decorative railings, reducing the foot print of the landings, using or embellishing the ramp with more appropriate, harmonious materials, or other ad-hoc ideas such as carving a ramp into the existing stone step or making structural modification to the entry; and

WHEREAS, A more creative scheme could be developed to achieve both ADA compliance and preservation goals; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, Community Board Five recommends denial of the application for proposed new ADA compliant ramp at 100 Fifth Avenue.

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