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Community Board Five Resolution in Support of Preserving NYC Rent Regulation Laws (Emergency Tenant Protection Act of 1974)

WHEREAS, All middle-class New Yorkers and especially rent-regulated tenants have been hard hit by the 2008 recession and its continuing aftermath; and

WHEREAS, New York City continues to lose affordable rent regulated units; and

WHEREAS, Provisions of the rent regulation laws have eroded tenant rights and protections over the past two decades; and

WHEREAS, Community Board Five supports the right of hard working middle-class New Yorkers to live and raise a family in their home communities; and

WHEREAS, New York City resident on fixed incomes should be able to continue to live in their home communities; and

WHEREAS, New Yorkers should never have to suffer housing discrimination, harassment, or unsafe living conditions; and

WHEREAS, A recent analysis on rent regulation published by the Citizens Budget Commission concluded that 49.2 percent of Manhattan residents living in rent-regulated units would experience rent increases of fifty percent or more if rent regulation laws are allowed to sunset later this year; and

WHEREAS, The expiration of the New York State Rent Regulation Laws on June 15, 2011 without extension would be a disaster for millions of New York City residents; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That Community Board Five strongly supports the renewal and strengthening of New York State Rent Laws in anticipation of their sunset on June 15, 2011. 

The above resolution passed with a vote of 29 in favor, 0 opposed, 7 abstaining.

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