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600 Fifth Avenue - Application for the Installation of a Storefront Revolving Door, Modifications to Two Storefront Bays, and Signage

WHEREAS, The owner of 600 Fifth Avenue (between 48th and 49th Streets), a landmarked building in Rockefeller Center, has made an application to the Landmarks Preservation Commission ("LPC") for the installation of a storefront revolving door, modifications to two storefront bays, and signage, on the north 49th Street façade; and

WHEREAS, The 49th Street north façade will be modified by replacing the doorway with a bronze revolving door and two ADA-compliant swing doors, and removing the existing bronze signage panel over the storefront and removing the non-original, illuminated sign boxes above the window on each side of the doorway and installing over the doorway and each of the windows a new non-illuminated black-back painted glass sign band with bronze letters matching other typical Rockefeller Center storefronts, while maintaining the existing outer bronze frame and sill of the windows;  and

WHEREAS, The proposed changes to the 49th Street north façade of 600 Fifth Avenue previously had been approved by Community Board Five in 2007, but the application was not presented to the LPC and the work was not performed and the Applicant has resubmitted the proposed work to LPC; and

WHEREAS, The proposed changes to the storefront, signage, and windows at 600 Fifth Avenue are similar to and harmonious with the existing storefronts, signage, and windows in Rockefeller Center and such changes improve the 49th Street façade of 600 Fifth Avenue; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That Community Board Five recommends approval of the application for the modification of the storefront, signage, and windows at the 49th Street façade of 600 Fifth Avenue, and, in addition, urges the applicant, on behalf of Rockefeller Center, to develop and submit to LPC a master plan for the storefronts, signage, and related windows for Rockefeller Center.

The Executive Committee of Community Board Five unanimously passed the above resolution to recommend approval.

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