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20 West 23rd Street, Ladies Mile Historic District Application for the replacement of the ground floor storefront and the replacement of the 2nd floor windows

WHEREAS, 20 West 23rd Street, is a commercial building located in the  Ladies Mile Historic District and the owners have applied to LPC for a C of A to renovate the building facade to install new windows on the first two floors and a new entry door at the westerly side of the building; and

WHEREAS, The building was originally a residence but has been used for commercial/retail purposes for many decades and is in need of restoration; and

WHEREAS, The owners have proposed a redesign of the first two floors consisting of:

1.      Restoration and cleaning of the original cast iron columns at either end of the building;

2.      Replacement of the existing (not original) windows on the second floor with six new windows similar to the six windows shown in a historic Tax photograph;

3.      Renovation of the storefront including installation of four glass bifold doors that can be opened outward for possible future restaurant uses;

4.      Replacement of the entrance doorway at the easterly side of the building and the addition of a matching doorway at the westerly side of the building for the retail store access;

5.      Installation of four new light fixtures above the second floor, design to be determined in consultation with LPC staff; and

WHEREAS, CB5 finds the adaptive reuse considerations of the new design acceptable to modernize the building; and

WHEREAS, The building will appear harmonious with other recently renovated adjacent buildings; therefore be it

RESOLVED, Community Board Five recommends approval of the Application for a Certificate of Appropriateness for 20 West 23rd Street in the Ladies Mile Historic District.

The above resolution passed by a vote of 27 in favor; 4 opposed; 1 abstaining.

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