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Street Festival Task Force Report

Community Board 5: Street Festivals Task Force recommendations

Recommendations to Community Board 5:

§  The acceptable criterion is an operational business address within the district, where a majority of the entity's business is conducted.

§  The New York Police Department is exempt from this requirement as they provide services in districts which do not contain their precinct.

§  In the instance of two events occurring on the same avenue/ neighborhood on adjacent weekends, the two events should instead share two distinct areas within the same avenue/ neighborhood on the same day so as to reduce the overall frequency of festivals within the district.

§  Festivals should only be located on the avenues, rather than side streets, and should avoid predominantly residential neighborhoods altogether.

§  Contact numbers should be given to the Community Board 5 office.

§  The sponsoring entity should be required to post signage, on tents or other structures under their ownership, prompting individuals to call 311 with any concerns regarding the event. (note: signage should not be posted on public property of any kind).

§  The Community Board 5 web-site should have a listing of street closures and street festivals for each calendar year.



Recommendations to Cristin D. Burtis, Executive Director, The Mayor's Office of Citywide Event Management and Coordination (CECM):


o   Street festival organizers should incur a "Request for Proposals" process with CECM whereby organizers submit proposals for specific locations that have been pre- selected by CECM for closure over the event season.

§  The frequency and geographic distribution of these locations should be strictly limited or banned in residential neighborhoods.

§  Street festival organizers would not be allowed to propose locations that deviate from those set by CECM.


o   Postings of street festival schedules and street closures must occur one week before the event and then again 48 hours before the event in the neighborhood to ensure proper community notification.

§  CECM should encourage street festival organizers to post notification through web-sites and other appropriate local media.

o   When applicable, the non-profit beneficiary of funds generated from the street fairs should be clearly and prominently identified in all promotional signage and should also be well-represented at the fair.



o   CECM should strongly encourage street festival organizers to offer each interested local businesses one vending booth free of charge.

o   Point of Sale:

§  Current vendor systems are not regulated by CECM; therefore, accurate profits made at street festivals are difficult to determine.     

§   CECM should provide city-managed Point of Sale (POS) machines to street festival organizers, who then distribute these systems to city-approved vendors at their events.

§  These POS machines should be linked to an internal system, whereby CECM can track and analyze the data gathered, and can determine actual profits made at each event by each vendor.

§  Per the above, CECM should now oversee the distribution of funds to non-for-profit sponsoring entities based on a set percentage of profits gained by the festival organizers. (Where applicable).


Recommendations to the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs:


Recommendations to the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene:


§  These include: calorie postings when vending at more than 15 locations throughout a calendar year, hand-washing facilities, restrooms, etc.


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