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888 Broadway and 873 Broadway Applications to install electrical equipment in underground sidewalk vaults

WHEREAS, 888 Broadway and 873 Broadway are buildings located in the Ladies Mile Historic District and the Landmarks Preservation Commission Designation Report specifies that the "... district also retains a variety of historic paving materials ... granite and bluestone sidewalk slabs as well as granite curbing in some areas"; and

WHEREAS, A approval is being sought by Consolidated Edison to modify the sidewalk vaults adjoining the historic properties located at 888 Broadway and 873 Broadway in order to accommodate new transformers needed to upgrade electrical service to that section of the Ladies' Mile Historic District; and

WHEREAS, The applicant has obtained consents from the building owners affected by this project to proceed with the installations which are similar to others already completed elsewhere in the City; and

WHEREAS, The applicant, Consolidated Edison, has developed a plan to install new transformers in the vaults that will have minimal impact on the historic granite sidewalks and curbstones in the affected area; and

WHEREAS, The applicant will make every effort to reuse and reinstall the historic granite paving materials, including veneer pavers on the roof hatchways, before resorting to matching the granite with tinted concrete; and

WHEREAS, The applicant has agreed to conduct an engineering study prior to commencing work to ensure the safety of the installed transformers and vault walls in case of fire or explosion to the adjacent oil tanks and mechanical equipment; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That Community Board Five recommends approval of the application to modify the vaults and install new more serviceable transformers adjacent to the locations at 888 and 873 Broadway in the Ladies' Mile Historic District.

The above resolution passed by a vote of 32 in favor; 2 opposed; 1 abstaining.

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