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State Licenses and Permits

10 West 32nd, Sun & Moon Ventures Corp.

WHEREAS, The applicant, Sun & Moon Ventures Corp. has notified Community Board Five of their intent to apply to the NY State Liquor Authority for on-premises liquor license for the premises located at 10 West 32nd Street; and

WHEREAS, CB 5 receives approximately 40-50 liquor license/wine/renewal/cabaret applications per month; and

WHEREAS, In order for CB5's Public Safety/Quality of Life Committee to determine whether or not the applicant is to come before the committee and the full board, research is done that includes information regarding square footage, public assembly, sound amplification and hours of operation as well as a site visit and discussion with the applicant; and

WHEREAS, Applicants and/or their attorneys are notified to provide such information regarding their request to the Community Board office in the form of a questionnaire; and

WHEREAS, This questionnaire is posted on the CB5 website and made available to applicants and, as noted on the questionnaire, is due one week after their letter of intent is received at the board office; and

WHEREAS, Each month after the deadline, numerous follow-up phone calls/emails, are made by the board office and in some cases this request for information is ignored; and

WHEREAS, Those applicants/attorneys who do not comply are called and apprised in writing that the information requested in the questionnaire is an essential part of the process; and

WHEREAS, The same applicants/attorneys are also apprised that a negative resolution will be presented to the full board by the committee with the ONLY exception being that the board office receives a letter (copy to State Liquor Authority) requesting postponement until next month and with the notation that said application to the State Liquor Authority will not be submitted until after the applicant/attorney meets with the PS/QL Committee; and.

WHEREAS, Notification from this applicant was received at the board office in January 2010 and several attempts have been made to receive the requested/required questionnaire or information regarding this application; and

WHEREAS, To date, no questionnaire or information has been received from this applicant; and

WHEREAS, The PS/QL Committee and CB 5 have insufficient information regarding the above application; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That Community Board Fiverecommends denial of the application for an on-premises liquor license for Sun & Moon Ventures Corp. for the premises located at 10 West 32nd Street.

The above resolution passed  by a vote of 34 in favor; 0 opposed; 2 abstaining. 

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