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1095 Sixth Avenue (@ 42nd St) Application for Certification for permission to change the design of an existing through block plaza

WHEREAS, 1095 Sixth Avenue ("the Plaza") is a 15,095 sf through block public plaza located 150.5 feet west of Sixth Avenue between West 41st and West 42nd Streets; and

WHEREAS, The original Plaza was constructed in 1969 and was compliant with the then-existing zoning laws, but is now making changes to bring the Plaza into substantial compliance with the current zoning text; and

WHEREAS, The Plaza was originally of little value to the surrounding neighborhood as it consisted of limited seating around the building and no other amenities; and

WHEREAS, The new public amenities include: larger handicap ramps for access for the disabled, two (2) new water fountains, a bike rack, 18 new trees, 530 linear feet of bench seating, and 92 new movable seats and 25 moveable tables; and

WHEREAS, There will be a substantial additional of greenery.  There will be 18 new trees, which is 50% more than the zoning text requires for the Plaza and additional new shrubbery and flowers.  Furthermore, climbing Hydrangeas will be located on vertical columns adjacent to a small building on the Plaza that will provide a green front to the brick wall on the Plaza; and

WHEREAS, While 72% of the original plaza was two or more feet above grade, structural changes are altering the Plaza grade so that in the future only 60% of the Plaza will be two or more feet above grade.  This will bring the plaza into further compliance with the zoning text that requires 80% of plazas to be less than two feet above grade; and

WHEREAS, The applicant agreed to amend the planned new signage in the Plaza to provide directions to the nearest public rest room facilities; and

WHEREAS, The application also asks for minor modifications to amend the Original Special Permit.  The modification includes removing a subway access point that is no longer used by the MTA. However, there is still one public subway access point on the applicants property; and

WHEREAS, The modification included significant improvements to the remaining outdoor space, and bring substantial compliance to the zoning text; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That Community Board Five recommends approval of the application for certification of the design modification to 1095 Avenue of Americas pursuant to ZR §37-625 and permission to modify the special permit pursuant to ZR §74-72.

The above resolution passed by a vote of 37 in favor, 0 opposed, 1 abstaining.

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