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62 West 22nd Street (5th Ave and Ave of the Americas), Ladies Mile Historic District, application for storefront renovations.

WHEREAS, 62 West 22nd Street is a two story commercial/retail building located in the Ladies Mile Historic District, dating back to 1849, which was extensively renovated and contains very little, if any, of the historic architectural features of the original four story building, which had its top two stories removed in 1935; and

WHEREAS, The 1989 Historic District Designation Report notes the nondescript character of the building and lack of historic features; and

WHEREAS, A new tenant, Subway (the sandwich shop chain), has applied to LPC for approval of a new, modern storefront design for the building that has fallen into disrepair; and

WHEREAS, The architect for the new Subway store presented a design to CB5 that had a limited relationship to the Historic District; and 

WHEREAS, The architect did not want to withdraw the proposal until such time that a more faithful presentation could be made to CB5 since Subway reportedly has signed a lease and wants to open for business as soon as possible; and

WHEREAS, The architect did not provide any of the following items to justify his design:

1.      Historic or tax photographs of the building and the neighboring properties prior to demolition of the upper floors in 1935 which could be used as guidance for a new storefront;

2.      Photographs of LPC-approved storefront renovations located elsewhere in the Historic District;

3.      Samples or renderings of materials and colors to be used; and

WHEREAS, CB5 is concerned about the following facade elements which may have to be modified to provide more consonance with the character of the Historic District:

1.      Size, LED lighting and color of the "SUBWAY" sign above the entrance;

2.      Material and color to be used for the new 22" wide metal canopy above the storefront;

3.      Size and frame of the new glass storefront window which the architect conceded could be one piece instead of in two pieces as shown to CB 5;

4.      Samples of the new, "brick-like material" to be used to replace removed brick;

5.      Type, placement (interior/exterior?) and appearance of new roll down gates;

6.      Lack of plans for the renovation of the second floor facade (which Subway may not be responsible to perform); therefore, be it

RESOLVED, CB5 recommends denial of the Application for 62 West 22nd Street, Ladies Mile Historic District, storefront renovations.

The above resolution passed by a vote of 35 in favor; 0 opposed; 1 abstaining.

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