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Consents & Variances

Request for a Street co-naming to “R.H. Macy Way” from Broadway & West 34th Street to Seventh

Avenue & West 34th Street

WHEREAS, The applicant, Macy’s department store wants to temporarily co-name 34th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue “R.H. Macy Way,” in honor of its founder R.H. Macy; and

WHEREAS, R.H. Macy, the founder of Macy’s Department Store, contributed to revolutionizing retail in America by developing the concept of the modern

department store and is credited with bringing Santa Claus in store to New York as well as the first in-store dining with a soda fountain; and

WHEREAS, The street blade will be temporarily installed for 1 month, from October 15th to November 15th, 2008, marking the celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Macy’s department store; and

WHEREAS, The cost of installation and removal of the

blades will be borne by the applicant; and

WHEREAS, Community Board 5 is usually not in favor of street co-namings but due to the temporary nature of the application, it feels it is appropriate; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That Community Board 5 recommends approval of the application for the temporary co-naming of West 34th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue, and be it furthermore

RESOLVED, That Community Board Five would not support an application for a permanent co-naming of West 34th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue.

The above resolution passed by a vote of 26 in favor; 6 opposed; 5 abstentions.

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