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232-246 Central Park South, Certificate of Appropriateness to replace security gates and fence and restore a portion of the rear yard to a garden

WHEREAS, 232-246 Central Park South, aka 233-241 West 58th Street and 1792-1810 Broadway was constructed in 1939-40 by the architectural firm Mayer & Whittelsey, and designated as an individual landmark in 2002 (approximately); and

WHEREAS, A Master Plan for the restoration of the storefronts and windows in the building was approved by Community Board Five and the Landmarks Preservation Commission in 2005 and construction is mostly complete; and

WHEREAS, The Owner has applied for a Certificate of Appropriateness to (a) replace the existing, non-original, mesh roll-up security gates and fence covering the entrance to an original open-air, drive-in trash service area, and (b) restore an original garden; and

WHEREAS, The service entrance faces West 58th Street, has two drive-in loading bays for trucks (which are not currently being used by the Sanitation Department), other paved service spaces, and is secured from the street by a 12’ mesh fence in dilapidated condition; and

WHEREAS, Although the original building had only a pair of gates in front of the loading bays and no fence, the Owner has determined that security concerns require a 50’ fence along the entire service entrance; and

WHEREAS, The proposed fence and gates will be ten feet high, fabricated of stainless steel, and have a chevron design reflective of the original gate and the current balcony railings; and

WHEREAS, The original building had a planted area slightly raised from the street, which the owner proposes to restore; and

WHEREAS, The proposed fence and gates, although not a restoration of the original condition, is in keeping with the style and design of the original building, the garden is a restoration of an original condition, and both will greatly enhance the building and the street; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That Community Board Five recommends approval of the Certificate of Appropriateness for Central Park South Associates, the owner of 232-246 Central Park South, to replace security gates and fence and to restore a portion of the rear yard to a garden.

The abnove resolution passed by a vote of 29 in favor; 0 opposed; 1 abstaining.

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