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130 West 42 Street aka 135 West 41 Street, application to create new window opening, and modify the storefronts.

WHEREAS, 130 West 42 Street, aka 135 West 41 Street, is an individually Landmarked Building dating from 1916 - 1918, designed by the architectural firm Helmle & Corbett in the"traditional" early skyscraper style with an "English" Gothic appearance. On the side facades, trompe l'oeil brickwork creates vertical "ribs" with a fake "shade" pattern to enhance the verticality. The windows are concentrated to the north and south facades, as well as to a recessed mid-facade light-well on the east façade; and

WHEREAS, The owners of the building are applying to create 60 new window openings, and to modify the entrance way and storefronts on West 42 Street, .but are not applying to demolish a one-story rooftop addition on the south wing, and construct a new rooftop addition (as originally proposed); and

WHEREAS, Prior to its designation as a Landmark, several irregularly placed windows were added to the building on the east and west side facades and a granite double story entrance way replaced the original limestone entrance way, and storefronts and the lobby were relocated; and

WHEREAS, The proposed redesigned double story entrance way and storefronts were in a very modern, all glass design, not reflective of the original architectural design as shown in historical photographs, (although the removal of the later granite materials and replacement with limestone would be an improvement over the existing condition and materials); and

WHEREAS, A representative of the applicant appeared at Community Board Five's Meeting on November 8, 2007 with a modification of the all glass design, but the applicant did not give the Board adequate time to review this revised proposal for the redesign of the West 42 St. two story entrance way and storefronts; and

WHEREAS, The applicant is now proposing to change the appearance of the east and west facades of the building by the addition of 60 new windows, and by incorporating or relocating some of the existing irregularly placed windows on these facades in a pattern of four windows per floor on each side of the building; and

WHEREAS, Although the applicant proposes to use the original building bricks removed in this process (if the 60 window addition were to be approved by LPC) to patch any damaged bricks or window openings that may be shifted to line up with the new windows; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That Community Board Five recommends denial of the application for the new two-story entrance way and storefronts and the addition of 60 new windows on the east and west facades of the building at 130 West 42 Street, aka 135 West 41 Street since the designs submitted are not in keeping with the original historical or architectural style of the building.

The above resolution passed by a vote of 26 in favor; 0 opposed; 1 abstention, 1 present not entitled to vote.

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