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Holiday Themed Giveaway, application to hold an event by Starbucks and the New York Public Library for a holiday themed giveaway at Bryant Park on December 6, 2007.

WHEREAS, The applicant, Starbucks, has submitted an application seeking permission from the City of New York Department of Parks & Recreation, in order to conduct an event on the steps and plaza in front of the New York Public Library; and

WHEREAS, The event will be conducted by Starbucks in partnership with The New York Public Library; and

WHEREAS, The proposed event known as “Pass The Cheer”, is to occur on Thursday December 6, 2007, beginning at 8:00 AM, completing at 10:00 AM, with set-up time beginning at 4:00 AM, clean-up time to be completed at 11:30 AM; and

WHEREAS, The activities in the proposed event will include distribution of free gift items, such as small Christmas trees, biscotti and chocolates in coffee mugs, samples of holiday beverages, and will also promote the services and programs available at the library; and

WHEREAS, Participants at the event will be offered an opportunity to register for a library card; and

WHEREAS, There will be banners and signage at this event, at the Parks Committee’s suggestion the applicants have promised that the logo for The New York Public Library will appear much larger than the logo for Starbucks; and

WHEREAS, Starbucks has committed that a $10,000.00 minimum donation will be made to The New York Public Library; and WHEREAS, The proposed event is free of charge to all participants and there will be no merchandise sold at this event; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, Community Board Five recommends approval of the proposed “Pass The Cheer” event to be conducted at The New York Public Library on Thursday December 6, 2007.

The above resolution passed by a vote of 25 in favor; 1opposed; 1 abstention.

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