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29 East 20th Street, application to legalize the installation of a storefront, awning, windows and flagpole without LPC permits

WHEREAS, The application is to legalize a storefront, awning, flagpole and banner installed without Landmarks Preservation Commission's permission, at 29 East 20th Street, between Broadway and Park Avenue South, a rowhouse built in 1837-38 and redesigned by Henry Wolinsky in 1959 in the Ladies Mile Historic District; and

WHEREAS, The storefront is composed of a steel frame with 3 sliding doors and frosted glass with metal inlays; the awning is a box shaped structure protruding 27'' with light fixtures affixed to it, the flagpole and banner are illuminated by a floodlight; and

WHEREAS, As a matter of principle, Community Board Five usually recommend denial of applications for legalization of illegal alterations; and

WHEREAS, As a matter of facts, the storefront, awning, banner and flagpole are not in context with the architectural style of the Ladies mile Historic District, therefore be it,

RESOLVED, That Manhattan Community Board Five recommends denial of the application for legalization of an illegally installed storefront, awning, banner and flagpole.

The above resolution passed with a vote of 22 in favor, 0 opposed, 1 abstention.

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