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Central Park Precinct, renovation and restoration

WHEREAS, This application is for a Certificate of Appropriateness for the restoration and the renovation of the Central Park Precinct, a two story building built in 1871 as a horse stable, converted in 1915 as a parking garage, and in 1936 as a police precinct, located at 86th Street and Transverse Road; and

WHEREAS, The applicant, the New York Police Department, is currently not using the building because it is in poor condition, using instead a temporary building to be demolished after completion of the renovation and restoration of the original building; and

WHEREAS, The building will be restored to its pre-1930 condition; and

WHEREAS, The skylights (not original) will be removed and the original entrance to the stable will be reopened, and an opening on Transverse road will be gated, and the traffic signal will be moved to the west, away from the new gate, and bollards of a design recommended by the Central Park Conservancy will be installed along the open parking lot; and

WHEREAS, The exterior walls and roof will be restored with materials identical to or closely matching those used when originally built; the slate roof will be repaired and restored; doors, dormers and windows will be repaired or replaced; and original cast columns will be kept; and

WHEREAS, The main stairway to the Great Lawn will be recreated and the asphalt of the courtyard will be replaced with granite pavers; and

WHEREAS, A canopy will be installed over the courtyard to allow for the installation of a main desk, to conform with NYPD procedure and requirements for management of the space; and

WHEREAS, The lightweight canopy made of glass on the side and copper on the top, attached to the roof of the main building by columns in a minimally intrusive way, and separated from the structures on each side by a clerestory; and

WHEREAS, The canopy will be partially visible from the Transverse road and visible from the Reservoir and the Great Lawn, but concealed to some extent by the trees and vegetation; and despite the concern raised by the some members of Landmarks committee, for the visibility of the canopy therefore be it;

RESOLVED, That Manhattan Community Board Five recommends approval of the Certificate of Appropriateness for the restoration and renovation of the Central Park Precinct.

The above resolution passed with a vote of 29 in favor, 0 opposed, 1 abstention.

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