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State Licenses and Permits

31 West 19th Street – “HAK CATERERS”/ “HAK EVENTS” – application for catering and/or on-premises liquor license

WHEREAS, The applicant, "HAK Caterers"/"HAK Events" (Omar Trevedi, principal), located at 31 West 19th Street, has filed a letter of intent with CB 5, to apply for a liquor license; and

WHEREAS, The premises are approximately 10,000 square feet, occupying the ground floor and the basement; and

WHEREAS, The applicant and his attorney, Mr. Frank Palillo,  attended Community Board Five's Public Safety/Quality of Life Meeting held on Monday, April 11, 2005; and

WHEREAS, The following information was obtained during the course of the discussion regarding these premises:

WHEREAS, At least 20 residents from both 19th and 20th Streets attended the PSQL meeting to voice their opposition to a liquor/catering license for 31 West 19th Street, and to inform the committee of the negative impact these premises have already had on the neighborhood; and

WHEREAS, According to the ABC Law, Article 8, Section 106, "no restaurant and no premises licensed to sell liquors ... shall be permitted to have any opening or means of entrance or passageway for persons or things between the licensed premises and any other room or place in the building containing the licensed premises, or any adjoining or abutting premises, unless such licensed premises are in a building used as a hotel and serves as a dining room for guests of such hotel, or unless such premises are a bona fide restaurant with such access for patrons and guests from any part of such building or adjoining or abutting premises as shall serve public convenience in a reasonable and suitable manner"; and


WHEREAS, The attorney stated that "other catering licensed entities have been allowed to use the premises" and will be allowed to hold "private parties" using the NYC Dept. of Consumer Affairs Catering Licenses in contravention of the intention of NY State licensing laws; and

WHEREAS, This block, which already has at least four liquor licensed establishments and is within 500' of one of the most concentrated areas of CB 5 – the Flat Iron area, 20th Street in particular – and has been affected by a sustained and continuing pattern of noise, disturbance, misconduct, and disorder, and now has an additional problem location at 31 West 19th Street, prior to its licensing and official opening; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That Community Board Five strongly urges the State Liquor Authority and/or Consumer Affairs to deny an on-premises or catering license to "HAK Caterers"/"HAK Events", located at 31 West 19th Street, for the above reasons.

The above resolution passed with a vote of 21 in favor, 0 opposed, 1 abstention.

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