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Restoration of the mall in Central Park

WHEREAS, The Central Park Conservancy is proposing to restore the mall in the south central region of Central Park; and

WHEREAS, The proposal calls for:

WHEREAS, The concrete and wood benches will be replaced with wood and cast iron benches; and

WHEREAS, The plan calls for a reduction in seating of 50% and although the Conservancy believes the Mall is more of a conduit than a place to sit,  the Committee is concerned about the loss of seating being a problem on weekends when the Mall is heavily used.  The Conservancy is considering increasing seating capacity; and

WHEREAS, The work is expected to be done between June and January and the Committee is concerned about the loss of the use of the Mall during the peak summer months, but

postponing the work would prolong the project; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That Community Board Five recommends approval of the plan for the restoration of the mall in Central Park.

Theabove resolution passed with a vote of 17 in favor, 2 opposed, 1 abstention.

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