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From the NYS Independent Redistricting Commission:

New York State Independent Redistricting Commission

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What is the Independent Redistricting Commission? 

The Independent Redistricting Commission was created through an amendment to the New York State Constitution. In 2014, New Yorkers voted yes on Proposition 1, a constitutional amendment to create an independent commission responsible for redrawing Congressional and State Legislative districts every ten years, after the Census is completed. The Commission will hold public hearings to solicit input from communities throughout the State, and will then propose a redistricting plan to be adopted by the legislature. 

What is redistricting? 

Redistricting is the process by which new congressional and state legislative district boundaries are drawn after the Census is completed every ten years.


How to get Involved

The Commission is eager to receive input from all New Yorkers. Public participation is crucial to the success of the Commission!





New York State Independent Redistricting Commission

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