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Newsstand application # 12534-2018-ANWS; SWC Broadway & West 39 Street

WHEREAS, Shalina Usman (“Applicant”) seeks a permit to install and operate a newsstand on the SWC
of Broadway and West 49th Street; and

WHEREAS, The proposed newsstand would be located in a heavily congested area and create numerous
obstructions; and

WHEREAS, The proposed newsstand would create an unnecessary burden on pedestrian flow; and

WHEREAS, Community Board Five recommended denial of a newsstand at this location in September
2017, and it is the policy of Community Board Five that any applications for newsstands in locations
previously denied within the last five years continue to be denied; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, Community Board Five recommends denial of the application to install a newsstand at
the SWC of Broadway and West 39th Street; and be it further

RESOLVED, Recognizing that the cost of applying for a newsstand is very high for small business
owners and operators, Community Board Five continues to request that DCA refund the fee for any
application that was deny.

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