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Proposal by the City Parks Foundation to upgrade the SummerStage venue in Central Park

WHEREAS, City Parks Foundation ("Applicant") was founded in 1989 and brings over 100 free performances and benefit concerts to 425,000 people every year in at least 15 parks; and

WHEREAS, Applicant has been operating SummerStage, a performance venue in Central Park, for 32 seasons, providing over 50 free concerts and shows yearly to at least 190,000 people; and

WHEREAS, Applicant proposes to upgrade the SummerStage facilities, located in Central Park near East Drive and 71st Street, as there have been no upgrades to the stage or to the electrical system; and

WHEREAS, The current stage is no longer able to sufficiently hold the weight of modern productions, including lighting equipment, sound equipment, and screens; and

WHEREAS, Applicant seeks to improve both the efficiency and the safety of electricity distribution throughout the venue; and

WHEREAS, Applicant proposes the installation of six new in-ground foundations, which will be invisible during the months when SummerStage is not active, to better support the stage; and

WHEREAS, Applicant proposes the installation of two safer stage columns; and a new trench to house electrical systems, wiring, and nine access points; and

WHEREAS, As the project will require review and approval from the Department of Parks and Recreation, the Landmarks Preservation Commission, and the Public Design Commission, Community Board Five's approval is contingent upon those agencies finding no deficient aspects of the proposed improvements; and

WHEREAS, All the proposed improvements will improve reliability and performance, while furthering the Applicant's mission to provide free world-class entertainment to the public; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, Community Board Five, as one of several boards voting on this resolution, recommends approval of the proposal by the City Parks Foundation to upgrade the SummerStage venue in Central Park, unless there are objections by another Community Board hearing the proposal, in which case Community Board Five reserves the right to reconsider its recommendation.

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