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Recognition of Evelyn Strouse of Union Square Community Coalition

WHEREAS, The late Evelyn Strouse was leader of the Union Square Community Coalition (USCC) for two decades (1982-2002) and a member of Community Board Five for the last ten of those years, and an early member of The Drive to Protect The Ladies’ Mile District, and

WHEREAS, The Parks Department intends to honor Ms. Strouse’s public service by naming the newly renovated playground after her, and

WHEREAS, The USCC would like to honor Ms. Strouse in their own way as they have honored at least two other members of the local community with a memorial tree and modestly sized, (3” X 6”) bronze plaque, and

WHEREAS, The USCC has worked with the Parks Department’s Tree Trust to select a suitable species and location for the tree, and needs Community Board approval for the plaque; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That Community Board Five recommends approval of the proposed bronze plaque to memorialize the community service of Evelyn Strouse.

The above resolution passed by a vote of 37 in favor; 0 opposed; 1 abstaining.

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