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41  East 20th Street, (b/t Broadway and Park Ave So.), application for replacement of existing storefront.

WHEREAS, 41 East 20th Street located between Broadway and Park Avenue South is a three-story store and loft building in the Ladies Mile Historic District; and

WHEREAS, Mari Vanna, the tenant for the ground floor restaurant, has applied to Landmarks Preservation Commission seeking permission to remove and replace the existing storefront; and

WHEREAS, The architect for the applicant presented plans and designs for the proposed storefront to Community Board Five which propose:

WHEREAS, The installation of the new storefront would include doors and ground floor transom windows, which relate to the architecture in the upper two floors; and

WHEREAS, The installation of the new awning with a skirt would be appropriate to this building, since it would be in alignment with an adjacent existing awning over the building entrance, and would be keeping in character with the Ladies Mile Historic District; and

WHEREAS, Paint samples were exhibited to Community Board Five for evaluation; and

WHEREAS, The proposed replacement design is an upgrade of the existing condition of the building's storefront in its functional elements and design and is considered historically or esthetically consonant with the building's original architecture and the other buildings in the Historic District, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That Community Board Five recommends approval of the application for replacement of the existing storefront at 41 East 20th Street.

The above resolution passed by a vote of 26 in favor; 3 opposed; 1 abstaining.

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